Turbo Props

Fixed-wing turboprops are a great alternative to light jets, perfect for short trips for 6-9 passengers, depending on the model. Due to the use of propellers, turboprops travel at a much more modest speed than jets, but are perfect for taking off and landing on shorter runways.

Heavy Jets

Heavy jets are known for their spacious and luxurious interiors, making it easy to see why these are the favored choice for business travel, professional athletes or extended families. A staple in the world of opulence, heavy jets can hold anywhere from 12-18 passengers and sometimes include a sleeping quarter. Whether it’s across the country or across an ocean, heavy jets are the ultimate comfort in private jet travel.

Super Mid-Size Jets

Super mid-size jets are known to be the fastest, most fuel efficient business jets in the sky today. With a larger bodied cabin, these jets can comfortably hold an average of 8-9 passengers and have an extended range of about 3,000 nautical miles. Popular amongst travelers flying nonstop coast to coast, super mids are ideal for businesses or families making a longer trip.

Mid-Size Jets

Midsize jets are one of the most popular sized aircrafts available, small enough to be cost efficient, while still being large enough to carry a group. Typically able to seat 7-8 passengers, with cruising speeds of up to 500 mph. Midsize jets are an excellent choice for travelers looking to fly nonstop on popular north-south routes and sometimes coast to coast on select routes.

Light Jets

Light jets are the perfect aircrafts for business travel, quick day trips or a fun weekend trip. Although there are many variations to choose from, the sleek design of a light jet typically seats 6-8 passengers and can often travel up to 500 mph. As the smaller option within the business jet family, these aircrafts are typically used when traveling shorter distances.