Light Jets

Light jets are the perfect aircrafts for business travel, quick day trips or a fun weekend trip. Although there are many variations to choose from, the sleek design of a light jet typically seats 6-8 passengers and can often travel up to 500 mph. As the smaller option within the business jet family, these aircrafts are typically used when traveling shorter distances.

Premier 1A

Premier 1A jet charters have one of the larger cabin sizes in the light jet class with near stand up headroom. Chartering a flight on the Premier 1A jet gives a roomy and comfortable option for small groups of passengers. This light jet has a good range for flying back and forth to different cities while still providing a high level of comfort and space. Light jets like this are a great choice for executives and other professionals that need to book shorter range private jet flights. Trips like San Francisco to Los Angeles, Chicago to New York and similar distances are perfect for this type of aircraft.

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Lear 40

Lear jets have worldwide reputation and there are few other types of jets around the world that invoke the same impression and status as a Lear. The Lear 40 light jet is no exception to this and Apollo Jets offers some of the safest and seamless Lear 40 charter flights available. Whether this is your first jet charter or you a regular flier, the luxury and reliability of Apollo Jets and Lear 40 light jet charters is the only way to fly. Quick take off speeds and a fast time to cruising altitude gives all passengers a comfortable ride through any type of weather or conditions.

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Citation Encore

Cessna has a solid reputation in the aviation and light jet industry and the Citation Encore is no exception. This makes a great aircraft charter for executives, professionals and celebrities that need a quick and reliable way to fly between cities or offices without wasting time. The Cessna Model 560 was upgraded into what eventually became the Encore – including better Pratt and Whitney engines and added fuel capacity so it could stay in the air longer and increase the range. The Cessna Encore light jet can reach a cruising speed of 445 mph (faster than its predecessor) and the added fuel capacity gives it a range of over 1,500 miles. There is room in this light jet for up to 8 people which means you can bring your whole entourage, client or family and still travel in comfort.

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Citation Bravo

Another popular light jet charter from Cessna, this aircraft is popular with executives and travelers concerned with getting where they need to be safely, on time and in comfort. Citation Bravo charters from Apollo Jets have been popular for years. One of the reasons they are still a popular choice among travelers and passengers is there smooth ride. Foul weather and poor conditions are never any fun regardless of the aircraft you travel in and the Citation Bravo from Cessna handles this as good as any light jet. This jet is powered by Pratt & Whitney Canada PW530A engines, and provides plenty of power to get up to airspeeds around 400 mph. This type of speed means all passengers can get where they are going faster and spend less time in the air and more time on the ground. In all of our lives time is a precious and the more of it you can spend doing business, with the family or simply relaxing the better.

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Cessna CJ1

Cessna CJ1 Citations charters include some improvements in economy and performance over the original Cessna Citation and makes for a popular light jet charter. This is a light twin engine corporate jet that can fly up to 6 passengers. Flying on the CJ1 offers a smoother ride than similar turbo prop planes and when the jet is in the air after takeoff the stability becomes especially evident. Sometimes this aircraft is also referred to in the aviation industry as the Cessna 525 Jet, this plane is popular among executives looking for business charters. With an airspeed approaching 400mph there is plenty of power to get back and forth to offices, client meetings or other destination. The body size of Cessna CJ1 Charters also allows for a lot of flexibility when traveling to regional or small airports with different runway lengths. If you’re are really looking for a flight with a comfortable ride and stays very stable in the air, this is the right charter flight for you.

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Cessna CJ2

If you liked the Cessna’s CJ1, you might really like what they have done with the CJ2 private jet. Charter jets from Cessna have long been popular with executives and individuals that appreciate the performance and comfort of charter jet travel. The CJ2 charter jet is bigger, faster and flat out better that it’s predecessor – the CJ1. Specifically some upgrades were made to the cabin width and the wingspan – allowing a more spacious interior, improved airspeed and better fuel economy.

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